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Items Needed for a Loan Application

Finally, lenders will require documentation to prove the items on the application.  The following is a checklist of items you will need for a mortgage:

Items Needed for the Loan Application

Income (including overtime and bonuses, if applicable--preferably one full months paystubs for all borrowers)

Debts (to include minimum monthly payments on these debts)

Employment history (for a minimum of 24 months)

The source of your down payment and closing costs

Current rent (to include name and address of your landlord)

Checking and savings account information (preferably the past three months statements on all accounts)

Any bankruptcy history

Any legal actions you are involved in

Citizenship status (work visas, passport, etc.)

Alimony and/or child support obligations (to include the divorce decree(s))

Foreclosure history

Value of stocks and bonds

Value of life insurance

Value of automobiles owned

Value of other major assets




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